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Here is the price range depending on distance/length/songs/production ONE NIGHT/MORNING EVENT Solo range $300-750 Band range $1000-1750 CONFERENCE/RETREAT Solo range $750-1250 Band range $2000-4500
Joe Frey was an amazing asset to our program. He has such a heart for worship. He is very talented, professional and humble. I would highly recommend Joe Frey.
— Kip Strawbridge, Program Director at Hume New England
POWERFUL and SINCERE both in vocal and in message. I fear the day we can no longer afford to book this great talent is soon approaching!
— Matt Sposato, 5th Floor Entertainment
Joe Frey is an amazingly talented worship leader! He comes into your church and feels like family automatically with his genuine heart to serve the body of Christ. He has blessed Riverbank Church many times with his music. Our church looks forward to when he leads us in worship.
— Riverbank Church
Joe’s music is great, and it speaks for itself. Let me take just a minute to share what I know about Joe as a man. He is a loving son, a devoted husband, and a doting dad. He loves the Lord Jesus and loves to sing His praises. Joe has grown up as Christian in a very secular world and his music reflects his heart to reach the lost. As his one-time pastor and all-the-time friend, I can heartily endorse Joe and his ministry.
— Phil Steadman, Capstone Baptist Church
Joe’s music has been refreshing for our church and student ministries. The sound and voice is unique and a blessing to the ears & soul. From the older generations to the youngest Joe’s music has blessed many in our church. His passion for music and Jesus shines though his songs.
— Shane Sledd, Wytheville Presbyterian Church
Working with over 2500 independent artists since 1997 as founder of indieheaven.com, I am always excited when I come across an artist who has a winning combination of passion and excellence! This is Joe Frey…From the first note of the first song I heard, I knew right away Joe took the time to craft skillfully written songs, and invested into professional production and recording to properly present the songs.
— Keith Mohr, Indieheaven.com
The first time that I heard Joe’s music and got to see Joe minister through music in a live setting was in August of 2013. Since then, I have had the privilege of seeing Joe live multiple times, hear his recorded music, and get to know him better. As is evident through his life, live ministry, and through his recordings – Joe has a big passion for Jesus and for sharing the Good News through song. Equally evident are his gifts in the areas of great songwriting, excellent musical skills, and a gift for leading people to God through his music. And seriously, the dude belts every note out to the glory of God! I’m exhausted for him after every opportunity I have to see him minister live! So excited to see how God has and will continue to use his ministry and music to bless others!
— Ian Zumback, Worship Leader, Songwriter, & Servant
Our church was recently blessed to have Joe as our special music guest for one of our Sunday morning services. It is humbling to see the calling that God has placed on Joe’s life. He is ministry and mission minded and has a heart for both lost and found people. It is obvious, Joe whole heartedly follows God’s will and plan for his life. I can 100% recommend Joe for any position within any venue to share his leadership and music ministry without any reservation. If your group has an opportunity to spend some time listening to Joe and his music – do it!! Joe Frey brings a fresh voice to Christian music and offers songs that minister to your soul as well as your ears. His passionate, sincere style serves as an excellent Christian witness to young and old alike.
— Bonnie Wright, Wytheville Baptist Church