Joe grew up in a small church in Southern Vermont. He understands what it is like to have limited resources for the worship band. That's why Joe and his team would love to partner with your church for an Equipping Workshop! They specialize and have years of experience in various areas such as:

Creative Team

  • Pro Presenter
  • Graphic Arts | Adobe Suite 101
  • Web Design
  • Building a consist church brand
  • Stage layout and design 

Worship Band

  • Vocal [leading, key selection, creating a culture of worship]
  • Guitar [choosing the right tone, gear, etc.]
  • Ableton 101 [multi-tracks, worship pads, click tracks]
  • Planning Center 101 [picking sets, assigning the band, etc.]
  • Drums 101 [playing for the room, gear, etc.]

Songwriting 101

  • Melody
  • Lyric
  • Themes
  • Writing for your church family

Leadership: Leading the team with integrity

Please contact us to set up a workshop and we can plan a Night of Worship at your church so we can model to your team what they learn.